Considered Process

Our delivery partners including Australia Post, DHL Express and Transdirect, offer Carbon Neutral services that are all intrinsic to their service. At Carte Blanche Bride, we participate in Carbon Neutral shipping and consignments where available.

Our commitment to Carbon Neutral services also extends to our travel and airline choices.

Reducing Waste

All our wedding looks are made to order, this means that aside from our sample garments in the showroom, no products exist until you decide to purchase. Eliminating wastage and overstocking issues and that are made with innovative, regenerated or creatively upcycled materials or packaging.

Carte Blanche Bride strives to minimise our impact on the planet through completely biodegradable packaging for our online sales and reusing/repurposing packaging from our own internal operations.

Locally Made

All our designers’ products have been manufactured within their own community or country. This includes our own homegrown and Melbourne-manufactured Courte Collection. Ethical Business & Manufacturing At Carte Blanche Bride, there is no such thing as success without happy customers and quality product and service. This is as the business own, I am committed to continuing the stellar reputation that Carte Blanche Bride has, and when dealing with so many brides each year – this is crucial. 

From the beginning I have placed just as much importance on customer experience and customer service as I have to the product itself. Carte Blanche Bride is completely invested in how each woman feels when from phone and e-mail interactions to your showroom appointments. The level of passion and dedication is what drives Carte Blanche Bride.

Every product is handmade and finished in France, ensuring exceptional finish and quality. All Carte Blanche designers are committed to being at the forefront of lace and fabric design and manufacturing. The cutters, seamstresses and design and production teams have exceptional experience and skill, particularly with their unique garment construction and luxury delicate fabrics.

Carte Blanche Bride does not believe in mass production. Each gown is made to order and even the CIVILE collection is produced on demand. I aim to minimise and reduce waste and environmental impact as much as possible, this includes offsetting all local and international shipping for carbon impact.