Some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

  • How far in advance do I need to start looking for my dress?

    In order to ensure you’re not rushed with your decision-making, we recommend that you begin dress shopping 9-12 months in advance of your wedding date, purchasing 8-10 months in advance of your wedding date. This is the ideal, not the absolute, and we can almost always accommodate rush order.

  • Do I need an appointment?

    Yes, our private fittings are by appointment only and are recommended for brides who are on the serious hunt and ready to purchase their made-to-order gown. Please use our online application for appointments and we will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule a time for you.

  • How long does the appointment go for? Is there a fee?

    Our private fittings are for 90 minutes. We charge a fee for our appointments, redeemable on your wedding dress order.

  • How much do your dresses cost?

    Our bespoke dresses, are handmade in Europe using the finest materials, delivered to you in an exclusively private setting – all at an accessible price point.
    Floor Length dresses range between $5500-$10,000 – the majority ranging from $5500-$7000.

    We choose our designers for their quality, integrity and commitment to European-made materials.

  • I like a style from one of your designers but you don’t have it as a sample.

    While we can't carry entire collections from each of our designers, we can of course always order it for you. We find trying on other styles from a particular designer can really give you the confidence to order something you haven’t tried. It’s not an option for everyone, but it has always been ideal for the people who know 100% what they want.

  • What does made-to-order mean?

    Made-to-order means that there is no stock of your gown and the making of the gown begins once you place your order. The most important thing to note is that made-to-order gowns are ordered to the closest numerical dress size based on the measurements taken at your Carte Blanche Bride appointment. The gown is not made to exact measurements (which is referred to as "made-to-measure"). In order to achieve the perfect fit, you will then need to seek the assistance of a seamstress or tailor. 

  • ​How many people can I bring to my appointment?

    You are permitted 2 guests maximum to your appointment. As much as we love the idea of a party in our store, we believe that your fitting should be as intimate as possible. We want the focus to stay on you and what style and feeling YOU want to exude on your wedding day. Select a couple of trustworthy people who know you and can help you make an informed decision.

  • What size are your sample dresses?

    We have samples ranging from AU8-12. Showroom sample gowns vary in size from designer to designer. Unfortunately, it is not possible to stock all sizes for all gowns, but we know the cuts and styles back to front to assist you.

  • What should I bring to my appointment?

    Try to wear flesh-coloured, seamless underwear that doesn’t cut in. We will have shoes available for you to try with the sample gowns, but if you already have shoes you would like to wear on your wedding day, bring these along. Our gowns are very precious and we take great care to keep them in mint condition for you to try – do not wear fake tan to your appointment. You will not be able try on the gowns and we may not refund your appointment fee.

  • Can I take Photos?

    We allow photos of your top 2 looks from your appointment for record purposes. You will make a much better decision in person remaining present than through images.

  • Can I invite someone else to the Digital Dress Date?

    Yes of course! You simply share the meeting link with your (trusted and supportive) guest and away we go.

  • How do I return the dresses?

    In the package we include a return postage sticker, so everything is sorted for you! All you need to do is safely re-package the gowns and send them back to the showroom!

  • Is there any other financial outlay?

    Our standard appointment fee $65, plus $95 subsidised courier contribution brings the investment to $160. If you select some pieces to try at home, we require a temporary security deposit to ensure the dresses sent to you are kept safe and returned in their original condition.

  • What happens to my deposit?

    The security fee is fully refunded on the safe and clean return of the items to Carte Blanche Bride. You can also put this payment towards your wedding dress deposit too.

    Your $160 appointment/courier fees are redeemable towards your dress purchase.

  • What if I don't like any of the dresses?

    Hey, it happens. Selecting an outfit for your wedding day is an important and personal decision! You will know from your online research, your own personal style and finally from our initial virtual appointment. I hold on to your deposit for the time already invested in helping you in making that decision.

  • How do I know what size to order?

    I walk you through this process. In your try-on parcel, you receive a full measurement guide, tape measure and all the other necessary items to support you in making correct records. I am also here to assist in this process.

  • Sustainability?

    I understand this sounds like a lot of postage & handling. Unfortunately, that's something that cannot be avoided when sourcing high quality garments all the way from Europe. However, Carte Blanche Bride is committed to reducing the environmental impact that this process has; by investing in biodegradable packaging, working with shipping partners who are Carbon Neutral and being paperless as often as possible. You can also re-use the original box when mailing the dresses back to Carte Blanche Bride, all packaging is reused and upcycled where possible and always recycled.

  • What does Made-to-Order mean when ordering my gown?

    Made-to-order means that there is no stock of your gown and the making of the gown begins once you place your order. The most important thing to note is that made-to-order gowns are ordered to your closest numerical dress size (dependent on designer),  based on measurements taken at your appointment. The gown is not made to exact measurements (which is referred to as "made-to-measure"). In order to achieve the perfect fit, we suggest the assistance of a seamstress or tailor who we highly recommend. 

  • Do you offer custom design changes?

    We do not currently offer any changes to the design of your gown. Depending on the style and designer, slight alterations can be made ie: shorten sleeves vs. long sleeves, lift a neckline etc., but most of our gowns are ordered true to the intention of the gown. 

  • How long will it take for my made-to-order gown to arrive?

    Depending on the designer you move forward with, there is a 4-6 month lead time for all made-to-order gowns. We have some very select styles that can be made in less time, so if you're in a time crunch. Rush orders are available upon request, but keep in mind that fees will apply.

  • Do you offer/include alterations?

    Alterations are a separate cost from the purchase of your gown. We have a network of dressmakers around Australia, however, we do not offer in-house alterations. Please note, we are not in contractual agreements with our recommended seamstresses, nor do we receive any payment from them for your business.

  • How much do alterations typically cost?

    Depending on the severity of your alterations needs, expect costs to range from $400-800 on average. For any major customizations or fit needs, costs can go upwards of $1,000+.