Vanessa: Real CB Bride

Vanessa. What a pocket rocket! When she walks into a room, she exudes energy, a blast of fun and lots of laughs. Vanessa chose to visit Carte Blanche Bride because of her love for French and European design, and a desire for something off the well-beaten wedding track.


We started - as I always do with my clients - with a conversation about what Vanessa wanted to 'feel like' on the day of her wedding and what aspects of the day felt important and relevant to her and her family.

From the selection of gowns she chose to try, I could see Vanessa was not afraid to experiment and give different looks a go. Through her appreciation for design and couture, we were able to deep dive into which looks really meant something to her, not just from an aesthetic perspective but on a deeper, more emotional level. I find a lot of Carte Blanche Bride clients look for a deeper connection to their wedding dress look. This is why I take the time to get to know each client and what really makes them tick and lights them up.

Laure de Sagazan's KAHLO gown immediately struck a cord; the one-of-a-kind 3-dimensional embroidered organza paired with a chic 60s silhouette brought to mind Vanessa's stylish grandmother and drew our eyes up to her gorgeous face and wild, ebony hair. The impact of this gown, paired with a minimal silhouette also meant Vanessa could enjoy spending time with her 3-year old son on the day without feeling too precious. Another important criteria for Vanessa' style choice.

Choosing a wedding look that speaks to who you are and how you want to celebrate your wedding day can be difficult, overwhelming and sometimes even frustrating. Carte Blanche Bride takes you into our care and removes all of the unknowns for you.

We're so proud to call you a Carte Blanche Bride Vanessa! xo

 Photographer: @leileiclaveyphotography | Venue: @qtmelbourne @pascalebarandgrill | Florist: @tweedtwigs | Celebrant: @centralcoastcelebrant.Sarita | Dress: Laure de Sagazan |Bridal suit designer (after 8): @enolanmelbourne | Makeup artist: @loveco_beauty | Stationery: @hungryworkshop | Cake maker: @beurrecake



Carte Blanche Bride takes care and pride in caring for our clients. You will have our support throughout your decision making process and long after. You are our Carte Blanche Bride.

We present our special French collections at the Melbourne-based showroom, annual Trunk Show events around Australia and now with the new DIGITAL DRESS DATE.

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