Two-Piece Wedding Looks 2023

Bridal separates or two-piece wedding looks have recently been a go-to for women who enjoy mixing and matching or want to create a custom look. If you dream of getting married in a wedding gown that’s all about you, what’s more unique than a two-piece wedding dress?

Laure de Sagazan VENTURA top

Atelier Blanche Simone & Michelle tops

Donatelle Godart 'Dans ses Bras' top

For 2023, our French designers have nailed the 2-piece look. From vintage, timeless laces to ultra high fashion wedding combinations you will find something that resonates.

Why choose a two-piece wedding look?

A two-piece bridal look is an easy way to create a look that’s all you without the stressful, drawn out path of having completely custom-made. You can pick a top here, a skirt or even tailored trousers there, and create something that feels totally on-brand for your own unique style.

Margaux Tardits Nala two-piece gown

It also means you can wear one of both of your pieces again. Making for a more sustainable fashion choice.

Can I wear bridal separates as a second look?

Bridal separates are an excellent option for your second look or reception quick-change. If you choose to wear a two-piece wedding dress, why not change into some amazing silk palazzo pants for the dance floor, or a gorgeous pair of bermuda shorts for the recovery the following day.

Margaux Tardits MABEL gown - 2023 collection

Atelier Blanche JULIETTE Top with SAUGE Pant - 2023 collection


Donatelle Godart CAPTIVE Top - 2023 Collection

 Carte Blanche Bride is the destination for high fashion couture looks that are understated, easy wearing and complimentary to the wearer. We take care and pride in caring for our clients. You will have our support throughout your decision making process and long after. You are our Carte Blanche Bride.

 We present our special French collections at the Melbourne-based showroom, annual Trunk Show events around Australia and now with the increasingly popular DIGITAL DRESS DATE.


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