Introducing Sidonie of Maison Floret

To celebrate our upcoming Trunk Show featuring the beautiful Maison Floret collection for the first time in Australia. I asked Sidonie, creative director and owner of Maison Floret, some questions about her process, herself as a woman and what makes her tick.

Her responses are warm, funny and very very heartfelt. We have some very aligned values and sentiments when it comes to our clients and way of life. I know you're going to enjoy reading this one!

What do you do?

I’m Sidonie Floret and I am the founder & designer of Maison Floret. 

I design tailor-made & ready-to-wear wedding dresses & bridal outfits, hoping to make brides happy.

I work with a small wonderful team in the center of Paris (Le Marais), where our showroom is located. It’s a cosy, hidden nest where we warmly welcome our bride-to-be.

Why do you do it?

Hum… I do it because I love people & dresses! 

"my great-grand-mother would encourage us to explore and celebrate our creativity....I also love the challenge of working with one « colour ». White. I’m fascinated by what it embodies."

As far as I remember, I have always drawn princess dresses!

I grew up in a very big family full of inspiring women. As a child I would spend every holidays gathering with my cousins, aunts, grand-mothers and my great-grand-mother who would encourage us to explore and celebrate our creativity. I remember so well, going through the dress-up trunk filled with dresses and laces, playing hours with this wonderful treasure and assembling outfits. 

Customising and designing clothes quickly became a way of expressing myself.

Quite naturally, I started creating clothes that would help other women express who they truly are on they wedding day.

Indeed, what I love about my job is that I get to meet many inspiring and nice women. Every bride is different, which makes for a unique experience and special time. I really cherish this part of my work.

I also love the challenge of working with one « colour ». White. I’m fascinated by what it embodies.

One piece of advice you always listen to...

To achieve anything it takes dedication, effort and time. Don’t wait for the others to bring it to you, go get it!

Your favourite experience with a client.

"After years of being tough on herself...she was finally able to find some beauty in her reflection. It was very emotional. I cried with her."

It’s very difficult to name just one! Maison Floret will be 8 years this spring and I’ve met so many amazing women, every one of them being so special. Each time it’s different. It might sound cheesy but it’s true.

Getting a tailor-made dresses is a very personal and unique purchase that comes with a whole process. We see each other several times, we get attached in a way. The best part is when the bride discovers herself with the final version of her own dress. The way she looks at herself. It’s simply amazing, seeing that you helped another woman feeling confident and beautiful.

For instance, last summer I remember a bride that wept with joy when trying on her dress. She told me she hadn’t (been able to) cry for many years. Seeing herself dressed like this in the mirror suddenly triggered something in herself. Self-acceptance. After years of being tough on herself, she could finally accept herself and be indulgent. She was finally able to find some beauty in her reflection. It was very emotional. I cried with her.

It’s so important to listen to the women who come to us and be empathetic.

Name your favourite piece from your collections.

I of course adore the Pierre dress, as it’s what I see as « simple & efficient », the true embodiment of « less is more ». It’s a slip-dress with a « whoa » effect.

Maison Floret Pierre minimal slip white wedding dress

I also love the Olaf dress from the 2022 Collection.

The top was inspired by Origami shapes and the Japanese art of folding. I love that it’s a very unique dress, clearly a bold statement, something unexpected.

Also, it was very interesting from a technical point of view to create it. And we love a little bit of challenge :)

What can't you live without?

Apart from chocolate & parsley (being serious over here!) and dancing (I dance everyday for myself, true story), I guess I would say honesty. By honesty I mean being - as much as possible - honest with myself. Not trying to impress others or do things if it means being disconnected from my core value.

I think we owe this to ourselves and to the others.

What comes to mind when you think of Carte Blanche Bride?

I associate Carte Blanche with light, modernity and style. There is something « fresh / free » about Carte Blanche. 

It seems to me that Anastasia truly wants to help women find an outfit that fits their style and personality. She would take the time it takes. Quality over quantity. 

I love that she truly values details, hand-crafted pieces and french style. 

When I read Carte Blanche’s motto « no fuss, no drama, just elegance », I feel like we are really on the same page.

What is one piece of advice you want to share with women planning their wedding?

"Don’t look for a « love at first sight » dress. Listen to your desires, let yourself be surprised and don't ask too many people for their opinion. "

Make sure you are planning a wedding that reflects who you are as a couple. Don’t plan things because other did. Seems trivial but it’s very important in my opinion. Instagram tends to standardize weddings while every story is unique.

Regarding the dress I would say: Don’t look for a « love at first sight » dress. Listen to your desires, let yourself be surprised and don't ask too many people for their opinion. 

You must feel yourself, beautiful and comfortable in your wedding dress. The perfect dress is the one that

- enhances your natural beauty; makes you look good,

- corresponds to you; to your personality, to the woman you are and,

- in which you feel good; comfortable, to enjoy your day, and dance without stopping).

Something unexpected you want to share about France or Paris...

It’s nothing unexpected but Parisians might sometimes look blasé /jaded or even insensitive to their city’s charm.

Wrong! We actually never get bored of its beauty. You can be annoyed by some aspects without questioning its majesty. To sum up it up: You can be a spoiled kid but be basically a good person :)
Maison Floret wedding dress with oversized sleeves Australia Maison Floret thin strap wedding dress with low back and enormous bowMaison Floret wedding dress with lace trim and long sleeves
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