Hannah: Real CB Bride

I met Hannah at the Carte Blanche Bride showroom in Melbourne late in 2022. From the moment she stepped into the space, her warm and bubbly nature was contagious.

As with all my clients, we started with a sit-down to get to know Hannah, her style, personality and dreams for her wedding day. We discussed the importance of ease of movement as her two young children would be involved in the wedding day. Hannah knew her body well and my role was to simply guide her to the looks that encapsulated how she wanted to feel.

From my years of styling and experience in really listening to my clients, it didn't take long for the Delon gown by Laure de Sagazan to pop into my head. Hannah had seen this style online and agreed it had that magic touch that made her excited. I sat down with Hannah to discuss her emotions around her wedding day and how wearing the Delon gown really made the celebration a dream come true.

woman wears laure de sagazan 2023 delon lace and silk long sleeve wedding dress

"{my experience with Carte Blanche Bride} was easy and relaxing, and we didn't feel any awkwardness or pressure"

"I wanted to be able to dance with Adrian and I wanted to be able to move around with the girls and pick them up and not hold onto my dress or you know, be able to hug people."

bride with her new husband and two young children wearing laure de sagazan lace 3 quarter sleeve dress

"We just wanted the day to be beautiful and relaxed and timeless and comfortable and just us. And I feel like it really encapsulated all of those things...you made the process so beautiful and so easy and you were so warm and welcoming"

Experience Carte Blanche Bride

Carte Blanche Bride takes care and pride in caring for our clients. You will have our support throughout your decision making process and long after. You are our Carte Blanche Bride.

We present our special French collections at the Melbourne-based showroom, annual Trunk Show events around Australia or with our popular DIGITAL DRESS DATE.

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laure de sagazan french delon gown worn by real woman
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