NEW! Cortana lands in Australia at Carte Blanche Bride


Carte Blanche Bride will be the exclusive bridal boutique in Australia for the Cortana Bride collection. In May, 2024 we will be hosting the Cortana Bride collection in our Melbourne Showroom as well as visiting Sydney for our Trunk Show.

Bookings can be made HERE. Spots are limited.

View the collection HERE.


Cortana Bride exemplifies simplicity, sustainability and a slow fashion philosophy. With natural fabrics of the highest quality, each garment is crafted with close attention to detail by skilled artisan hands in local ateliers in Spain.

Cortana's commitment to effortlessly luxurious pieces, made in exceptional fabrics, draw inspiration from Rosa Esteva's interest in art, architecture and contemporary dance, as well as her passion for nature, in particular, that of her birthplace, the island of Majorca.


To celebrate Cortana in Australia, we sat down with Rosa Esteva - founder and designer - on what inspires her...

What do you do…

In Cortana we’re dedicated to offering limited-edition pieces of the utmost quality and craftsmanship. Each piece tells its own story, and that's what resonates with our clients. We offer a selection of natural fabrics of the highest quality, creating timeless collections that complement the beauty of each woman.They appreciate the effort that goes into every garment, the design, the quality, the feel of the fabric that makes the first and lasting impression...

Why do you do it…

I need to constantly express myself. I grew up among exhibitions and art as my father initiated an art gallery the year I was born, which formed my bond with aesthetics. I’ve always loved creating beauty throug drawing and painting, which initiates my designing process, but  what greatly sparks the creativity is the texture and fall of a fabric and the dialogue it creates interacting with the female body.

What are 3 words to describe Cortana Bridal.

  • Quality
  • A-temporality
  • Natural beauty


Did you always have a passion for wedding looks? How did this part of your collection come about?

The bridal collection came to life as I designed the first ever wedding dress Cortana made, which was my own.

Ever since then, back in 2003, my team and I have dedicated ourselves to create collections that share the beauty and magic of a natural dress, enhancing the natural beauty of each bride.

One piece of advice you always listen to…

The praise of slowness. I think that by doing things slower, they are done better.

What can’t you live without…

The sea is a necessity for me, not only in the Summer but during the whole year. The saltwater, the play of light on the sea, the whimsical shapes of materials returned to shore by the sea… all of it relaxes me and at the same time inspires me.



What is one piece of advice you want to share with women planning their wedding?

A bride, when choosing a dress, should feel that the dress is not overshadowing her. At all times they have to be the real protagonists, and the right dress will enhance their natural beauty.

Something unexpected you want to share about Spain or your home town of Mallorca.

The survival of small artisan workshops that continue to use traditional clothing techniques. At Cortana we are committed to them in order to preserve the care given to each garment in its manufacturing process.

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