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Caroline Takvorian: Couture, Uncompromised

Carte Blanche Bride is thrilled to welcome Caroline Takvorian to the permanent collection of unique wedding outfits in Australia. Caroline's collection is inspired by Parisian haute couture and has such a strong visual identity. Caroline's collection mixes romantic, modern and ultra French. As Caroline herself explains: 'The studio is located in the tranquility of the heart of the city of Lyon. Beautiful plants frame a door with old world charm and the serenity of the place contrasts with the lively atmosphere of an extraordinary place. In the noise of the machines, between the cutting tables, the rolls of materials and the falsely disordered bobbins of thread, your wedding dress goes from drawing to reality.’

From the end of January, 2024 Caroline Takvorian will be available in Australia via Carte Blanche Bride. Check here for our Trunk Show dates in cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. For Melbourne Showroom, book your appointment here.

Would you like to know more about Caroline, her collections and her vision on bridal fashion? Read on...

"Do listen to advice but most importantly, follow your gut. . .on your wedding day."

What do you do...

I am a Fashion designer, specialized in the bridal world, and I am lucky enough to run my own label and Couture House alongside my amazing team since 2014.

Why do you do it...

The Fashion world has always been an evidence for me, from my years at ESMOD Paris up until 2014 when I got engaged and wanted to find my dream dress, it was impossible to find the right gown that I would 100% embrace. It all started when I’ve decided to design my own dress and dresses for friends, I had incredible feedback at that time and people around me were blown away with the designs: this is when I knew I would be designing unique wedding dresses with recognizable designs without compromising on the french quality and know-how: only using the best quality fabric and garment (100% silk, Calais-Caudry Lace), unique and modern shapes, and the most incredible draped and flowiness of the skirt.

Did you always love wedding gowns?

I was completely unfamiliar with this industry up until my engagement and my interest for the current trends and brands out there. I’ve always loved designing long dresses and silhouettes, very couture and sophisticated, so I wouldn’t say it was obvious, but I trust everything happens for a reason!

calais lace wedding dresses made in france, available in australia

"Goethe ‘As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.'"

One piece of advice you always listen to...

I particularly like the quote from Goethe ‘As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.’ This has a lot to do with self-esteem and confidence. Each collection that I’m creating, I want to be able to help each individual bride feel more confident and indestructible, to feel empowered to be herself on the most beautiful day of her life.

One of your most memorable experiences working with a client...

I am very proud to be able to take part in so many brides’ wedding stories. Each first fitting appointment is quite unique, and always brings up emotion when I see a bride falling in love with one of my creations. I don’t have a specific memorable experience in mind, but I would say any time clients send me their wedding pictures with the brightest smiles on their faces - from all around the world...

Name your favorite piece from 2024 or the intemporels collection and why..

From our new 2024 collection ‘Into the Light’, I would say MUSE without a doubt. This was the first dress that came to my mind when designing the collection, I wanted to make a Haute Couture dress that would empower the women of today: Plunging neckline, assertive shoulders, fitted cuffs and gorgeous Calais-Caudry Lace.

From our Iconic collection, this is a very hard choice and I would say Lou, Moss made us stand out from the crowd locally, in France and really is a signature of the House, however Lou changed the game on the international scene. Lou is truly unique and features a magnificent embroidery with both sequins and beads being very subtle and sublimate the light and luxury organza fabric modernized by a crew neck. The scoop back is also one of my signature looks: the lower back gives a feline silhouette. We love it and so do our brides!


What can’t you live without...

I am very close to my family, so I would definitely say I can’t live without them and my close ones who can be a source of inspiration!

"We’re so happy to partner with Anastasia, and for her and the team to represent Caroline Takvorian."

What comes to mind when you think of Carte Blanche Bride...

I would describe Carte Blanche as the go-to when it comes to fine craftsmanship and expertise within the French Bridal industry. We’re so happy to partner with Anastasia, and for her and the team to represent Caroline Takvorian. I am confident that the Carte Blanche brides will find their happiness within the selection made, and we will have some tears (of joy!) and celebrations this coming year, even from a FEW miles away!

What is one piece of advice you want to share with women planning their wedding?

It is very important once again to trust yourself and your wishes with your other half. Do listen to advice but most importantly, follow your gut and what you really want and what would give you satisfaction on your wedding day.

Something unexpected you want to share about France.

Despite having our Flagship in Paris, our workshop, myself and the team are based in Lyon, so here’s a couple of facts you should know about that beautiful historical city if you wish to plan a trip sometime?
Lyon is the capital of French gastronomy, how foodies call it, there are 16 restaurants from the Michelin Guide. People also love visiting Lyon during the “Fête des Lumières”, Festival of Lights, which is held every year in December, a must!

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