Your Guide to Wedding Day Underwear

Choosing the right bridal lingerie, shape wear or underwear is an important factor in making sure you feel comfortable and your dress sits well on your special day.

With the new arrival of our US Brand Fashion Forms Underwear, we have put together a personal guide to foundation garments for your wedding day.

Match your skin tone, not your dress!

For the majority of wedding dresses these days, the very nature of modern styles means your bridal underwear can't be lacy. Don't get too hung up on whether bridal underwear is “beautiful” or not – it probably won’t be. Don't worry, you can change into something more flattering for your wedding night if need be. Above all, it needs to be functional, in a neutral colour match to your skin tone.

Even ivory on pale skin can give a strobe-light effect and show through slim-fitting or sheath dresses. Make sure the nude matches your skin tone as this avoids the visibility of any lines.

Go big, or go home.

Choose one or two sizes bigger in underwear than your usual size. This will avoid any cut or bulge lines and ensure a smooth-looking finish. Make sure you wear them out and about though - you don't want to go too big in case you lose them walking down the aisle!

Bust Tape has many uses

If you’re going backless, try a backless bra with sticky wings, such as the Fashions Forms Le Lusion Second Skin. For those of you with a heavy bust, Fashion Forms have an excellent Voluptuous range just for you! This Fashion Forms Silicone Lift is amazing and works wonders for lift AND support.

They do work! Always ensure a trial run first for a few hours. This is to ensure your skin bonds well to the silicone and the adhesive. If you find there is not enough bonding you can also add some double-sided tape on the inside of the cups.

Alterations aren't just for your dress

If you wish your bra was just a bit lower at the back, or don’t think it is going to stay up on its own, you can also alter it or stitch it into your dress for the wedding day.

The All-In-One

An excellent way to get support AND security for your wedding day is a bridal bodysuit or all-in-one. These styles avoid the need for sticky things, lifts or going 'commando' (see tips for this below!)

Our Fashion Forms U Plunge Backless Strapless Bodysuit is a fantastic way to get that security for your backless or low front wedding dress.

For those of you wanting more coverage for security, this SPANX number is the best! Our brides use it all the time and it does the support and smooth job perfectly well.

Allow yourself enough time

Your underwear or foundation garments do require some thought and planning. This will mean:

- Trying out your underwear options at dress fittings,

- Stand near some natural light during fittings so you are getting natural daylight to spot any lines,

- DO ask your bridal store attendant or seamstress, they have seen it all and often have the best tips and tricks. At Carte Blanche Bride 12 years of wedding clients means we have the expertise to guide you in the best approach for your body.

Going commando is always an option

If you want support but can’t find anything that doesn’t leave a visible line, you can always find a pair of seamless shapewear tights and chop off the feet and part of the legs.

If you don’t need underwear for support then you may not need to wear any – that’s the most sure-fire way to avoid lines showing! It's not an option for everyone, but it may be an option for you!


Shapewear styles work for different parts of the body. The main purpose behind shapewear or spanx is to create a more flattering silhouette or shape to the body. A bride can opt for shapewear that will cover her entire body or simply target certain areas such as enhance the bust, or flatten the stomach.

Corsets or bustiers are great for women that want to cinch in their waist providing more definition while supporting and shaping the breasts as well as enhancing cleavage for dresses with a low neckline.

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