Unbeatable Blooms: Where to Start for your Bridal Flowers

Specialising in small to medium sized weddings and events, Lauren from State of Nature Floral provides personalised and friendly service with a focus on local product and an eco-friendly approach to her blooms - something that I see as seriously important!

"My aim is a truly closed-loop, end to end process that nurtures and gives back to the environment." Lauren - State of Nature Floral

Through my job, I am often asked for advice by my brides for ideas and guidance on their wedding flowers and colours. For our girls with their 2021 weddings still in the planning process, I have asked the expert to offer some answers and ideas on what is hot for next year in all things bridal blooms and floristry!

I don’t know the first thing about flowers, now I'm engaged - what do I do now?

Find a floral designer that you connect with! Social media provides great insight into businesses these days and allows us to connect in ways we never have before. Most florists are creative and intuitive people, and would be delighted to work with you in designing your vision even if you don’t know what that is - and after all, they’re the expert! I often find that meeting with clients, or just having a chat, gives me a really good insight into who they are as a person and this really helps me design a style brief that is reflective of them. Giving your florist free reign to design your florals is a good thing!

How do you like to work with clients?

I have a very collaborative approach! Recognising that weddings are such a personal thing I love to develop concepts and ideas in conjunction with the couple, and workshop different designs and flower choices to suit each clients budget. Often my client consults feel like a chat on the couch with friends!

What is 1 thing most brides forget to ask about the flowers?

I always remind couples that they should make sure their guests take home and enjoy the florals as they will last for days after the wedding day! Usually the venue can remove florals from the arrangements at the end of the night and wrap them up, and it also means guests can take home a memento of the evening – and results in zero-waste.

When should I book my florist?

As soon as you get engaged 😊 The more time to plan the better, although keep in mind that flower availability is completely dependent on Mother Nature so getting in early doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get all of your top picks – your florist will explain the work-arounds to this.

"Most florists don’t take bookings more than 12 months in advance, but some do, and it’s worth asking so you don’t miss out on your florists of choice!"

bridal peonies by State of Nature Florals Victoria

When working out my flower budget, should it be a percentage of my total wedding budget or something else?

This is a hard one as each event is completely different, in size, aesthetic and budget! I believe it comes down to the importance you place on each element of your wedding, and the impact you want to make. For example if you want a luxe, garden-esque wedding you’re naturally going to have to bump up the floral budget to ensure the impact is realised, as opposed to a minimalist wedding which will not require as much floral. Be guided by your florist and be upfront about your budget and your florist can then design the event accordingly.

Does your floristry impact the environment?

The floral industry has evolved away from it’s roots as an art form close to, and respectful of nature. Single use plastics are unfortunately heavily used and relied upon by many florists and industry partners - and imported flowers are a very popular choice. Many do not realise that the air-miles to get the flowers here, and fumigation and treatment procedures are all detrimental to our environment.

There has been a recent surge towards sustainability and I am a very big advocate of this.

"I always try to use flowers from local flower farms and avoid single use plastic. This also includes toxic floral foam."

I am currently working to grow and cut my own flowers for exclusive use by my clients in the future so this will contribute towards achieving my aim - a truly closed-loop, end to end process that nurtures and gives back to the environment.

I don’t want a wedding bouquet, is that okay?

Well, sure! It’s your day and you should do it your way! You could consider wearing a wrist corsage, or how about a floral garland?

State of Nature Floral’s Top 3 Trends for your 2021 wedding…

  1. SUSTAINABILITY - It’s true that the recent bush fires have changed our way of life and taking a sustainable approach to your wedding flowers is absolutely achievable. By using local, seasonal flowers, re-purposing arrangements throughout your wedding day and gifting the florals to your guests at the end of the night, you can create a true zero-waste experience and feel better for it!

  2. CLASSIC CONTEMPORARY STYLING – We predict a throwback to elements of tradition and nostalgia for 2021. Driven by the impact of social distancing, couples are opting for a classic look using varieties such as roses and orchids to create a warm, familiar and celebratory vibe. Using these classic flower choices in a contemporary way is key to providing that modern element to your wedding – think unstructured bouquets using roses en masse, long stemmed roses styled along long tables intertwined amongst romantic candlelight, and florals spilling over tall stands creating a romantic canopy above your guests.

  3. MUSTARD & OCHRE HUES – We have seen a progression from natural, earthy tones to richer palates of pink, mustard and toffee tones. A versatile palate and amenable to dressing down into a boho vibe or adding a pops of color for a party vibe, these hues can also take us through all seasons, and work well en masse or graduated.

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