Wedding Day Makeup Tips!

Kristal is one of those bubbly, gorgeous women who is just fun to be around. She's warm, effervescent and loves a laugh. Not to mention, she is one HECK of a makeup artist (did I mention she rocks at hair too?)

I have known Kristal for almost two years and in that time I have come to learn some brilliant tips and tricks to looking gorgeous when one goes out and about. She helped with my wedding makeup and I have since not been able to live without her for any event I'm heading to.

I sat down with SAINT Kristal (what would we do without her?!) and asked about her life as a makeup artist for brides and some of the top tips to remember when thinking about makeup for your own wedding day.

What do you do?

I’m a freelance hair and makeup artist based in Melbourne specialising in wedding and events.

Why do you do it?

Passion! There is really no other explanation. I love, love, LOVE, making up my clients especially for their wedding day. I really enjoy being a part of the bride's special day and meeting new people. It’s incredible the people you meet in your makeup chair. I’ve had paramedics, Lawyers, friends, dieticians, anesthetists, landscapers, models and more.

I really focus on bringing out my clients eye colour. This is where I get creative.

What do brides forget about when it comes to hair and makeup on their wedding day?

They can forget to just look like themselves. As a bride you need to look like you, an enhanced version of you. Not a different person. A lot of people use hair extensions on the day of an event which can be really nice to enhance the thickness of your hair but when applying long extensions and you don’t have long hair, it can look a bit too unnatural.

Must not forget item on the BIG day?

You mustn’t forget a lipstick! And you must not forget to touch is up as the day proceeds. This is really important. Even if you are not normally a lipstick- or gloss-wearer, there is always a natural shade you can find. This will complete the look and you do need it for showstopping photos.

As a bride you need to look like you, an enhanced version of YOU.

Piece of advice?

I always listen to my husband. He’s an old soul with really great honest advice whether it be personally or professionally and it never lets me down.

Favourite experience with a client?

This is a tough one as I’ve had many magical moments. Each job I do is a different experience. All my clients to date have been beautiful people and I’m so lucky to have met them and have had the honour of doing their makeup.

What can’t I live without?

Easy...good skincare! I don’t compromise when it comes to skincare. I have used cosmaceuticals for years with active ingredients. I’m not one for having facials or treatments but I maintain my skin with good quality products.

What comes to mind when you think of Carte Blanche Bride?

I think of Anastasia, the creator behind the brand. She is truly an incredible woman. I have only known her for a year, but in that time I have found her to be passionate, professional, charismatic, driven and so determined.

5 things to PREP for your wedding day à la ST. KRISTAL:

Start prepping your skin.

Having great skin on the day is half the work. Start by having peels/microdermabrasions 4-6 months before the wedding and be sure to have clean exfoliated skin on the day.

Book a videographer!

I have personally watched and relived my wedding day more times than I have looked at an of my wedding photos.

Photos are great but when you watched the video, it’s brings the whole day back to life and you get see things you might have missed otherwise.

Avoid lash extensions.

They are difficult to work with and your makeup artist can individually apply lashes on the day to create a more natural look with better results.


Eye Shadow and makeup doesn’t apply well to raw skin. Wax your eyebrows/lip at least 1 week before the day. You can always pluck any last minute stray hairs the day before.

Spray Tan.

If you have a spray tan, do it at least 2 days before. And don’t go too dark. All you need is a simple glow.



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