Top 3 Checklist: Why Fabric is so Important for your Wedding Dress

In a world of fast fashion and popping off for a Saturday morning of shopping to find your outfit for that night's drinks, we have quite quickly lost the awareness, understanding and learnings about what it actually takes for something of quality to be created.

"Wedding dress shopping is one of the last areas of fashion where it has never been more important to get your fabric and fit just right."

I know in my mother's teenage years (and her own mother for that fact), the only way they would access a new outfit is to sew it. Planning, designing and creating your own garment gives you that deeper level understanding of what is required for something to fit and feel beautiful for the wearer - as well as of course, looking amazing.

Wedding dress shopping is one of the last areas of fashion (besides couture and bespoke) where it has never been more important to get your fabric and fit just right.

  • Your monetary investment is a lot,

  • Your emotional investment is equally as high and,

  • Something so special should be made from the best fabric!

Fabric really is the basis for a beautiful garment, and French fabric and lace is the pinnacle of quality. If you don't have the right fabric from the start for your wedding dress, nothing will be right.

The highest quality fabric needs the right expertise to cut and sew a garment too. The home of couture - France - has the most experienced seamstresses, designers and makers. From the 'petites mains' of the French couturiers to the machinists in workrooms across Paris like Laure de Sagazan's atelier.

"Something so special, should be made from the BEST fabric..."

So, how to know when you have the best quality fabric for your wedding dress?

By ticking off 3 things...

  1. The FEEL of the fabric

  2. The FIT of the fabric

  3. The LOOK of the fabric

Laure de Sagazan's atelier with her signature Calais Lace


Have you ever put something on, only to develop an incredible urgency to take it straight off? It could be that it's itchy, you feel claustrophobic, or there's something a bit 'off' about it. Something that FEELS icky is most likely due to the wrong fabric for you.

The French designers at Carte Blanche Bride use only natural fibres, or the finest man-made materials. I often say to my clients that the linings used in our wedding dresses FEEL like you're wearing the silkiest, softest pyjamas.

Atelier Blanche cotton lace

Lace fabrics can also range widely in quality and feel. French lace - where the skill and craft originated - is soft and light, not at all scratchy like some have come to expect. Lace should never be itchy or overly heavy. Even the heaviest Guipure Lace, should feel soft and light on your skin.


When working with incredible silk and lace fabrics, the fit comes down to who is creating this garment and their experience with cutting fabrics and fitting them to a body.