The 10 Best Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses for 2021

At CB, I I always prefer to avoid a 'trend' where I can. It can only mean you look back on your wedding photos in 30 years time and think "how on earth did that happen??" I do want to share though that of late, I have had a spike of requests for dresses with LONG sleeves.

You may feel that long sleeves are just for winter weddings. Not true. Our French designers are the experts in beautifully lightweight fabrications including silk sleeves or French lace sleeves. This means you can now wear a longer sleeve in the warmer months.

I have rounded up the best selection of long sleeve wedding dresses for 2021. With a long sleeve, you can still pack a stylish punch - and possibly even more so than your girlfriend who opted for sleeveless.

Scroll down to see my FAQs on all queries long sleeve, and happy hunting!

ALCAZAR by Margaux Tardits

This stunning floral inspired gown is luxurious embroidery on the finest stretch tulle so it feels like you're wearing air. The chiffon skirt moves with the slightest breeze. The perfect long sleeve option of a high summer wedding.

PALMA by Laure de Sagazan

The iconic French silhouette of a drop waist, the Palma gown is one of Laure de Sagazan's iconic designs. A 70s vibe using cotton lace, this long sleeve wedding dress is for the cool, relaxed, laid back bride in everything except quality and refinement. On that, she does not compromise.

DANCE WITH ME by Donatelle Godart

This gown is the ideal choice for a black tie event. The fine ruffle along the stunning drop neckline is an ode to the groom's dinner shirt. It may look like a lot of fabric, but this dress is in fact made with the finest silk crepe. Even if it's a balmy evening, you will not overheat in this style.

LULLY by Margaux Tardits

For those of you wanting the ultimate feminine and pretty long sleeve wedding dress. This one was made for you! The 3-dimensional hand appliqued flowers on the bodice and across the arm are next level and only the French know how to do this. The silk georgette of the skirt is lifted with a cheeky slit in the lining. Sensual, feminine and demure. Lully ticks all the boxes.

FOSTER by Laure de Sagazan

This beautiful gown, was actually designed with a short, cap sleeve. However, like this bride I have ordered it for my clients numerous times in a long sleeve. The image below shows a 3/4 sleeve, but I say go all the way and hit the wrist bone. It is the most elegant look. Trust me, it just sings!

MANSE by Margaux Tardits

From her newly launched, 2021 this gown is simply a work of art. The way it is cut to celebrate the female form is simply exquisite. One of our faves for the year!

MARRY ME by Donatelle Godarts

If you have never heard the term 'robe-manteau', here is your introduction. Invented by the French, this is super sexy super chic option for your wedding dress. Meaning Coat-Dress it's meant to appear as if you are wearing a coat, with nothing underneath. Plus the tea length just hitting your ankles works perfectly for a town-hall wedding ceremony or an intimate lunch affair.

MODIANO by Laure de Sagazan

Combining three different styles of lace seamlessly across this gown, the Modiano by Laure de Sagazan is a modern twist on classical elegance. An unstructured bodice with a delightfully low open back and a scalloped 7/8 sleeve. It's a beautiful design. The long sleeve wedding dress for someone looking for elegance and classical styling.

HELIOS by Margaux Tardits

Reminiscent of a Grecian Goddess, the Helios gown is a beautiful example of a lightweight long sleeve wedding gown. From Margaux Tardits' 2021 collection this brand new piece will be snapped up by the most fashion forward among brides. It's dream to say the least.

I MELT WITH YOU by Donatelle Godart

For the prima ballerina in us all, I just love this timeless and elegantly cut wedding dress design by Donatelle Godart. This is a fine stretch lace and is in fact a two-piece, the top is a bodysuit allowing for exceptional fit and comfort on your wedding day. Genius.

Why wear a long sleeve?

A long sleeve wedding dress can be a great solution to a number of factors to do with your wedding. You may be getting married in a church ceremony, whereby being a little more demure suits the backdrop for your wedding. Have you chosen a black tie dress code? A long sleeve goes a heck of a long way to leading the way to being properly dressed.

My wedding is in summer, can I still choose a long sleeve wedding dress?

Yes! Absolutely, a sheer tulle fitted sleeve is the perfect solution here. Many of our brands do this look beautifully, with fine lace embroidery or applique down the arms. So romantic.

I've fallen in love with a dress that has short sleeves, but I wanted long. What to do?

At CB bride I work very closely with my designers and more often than not is a very easy adjustment in design to order your dress with a long sleeve. Trust your bridal stylist, if they are good they can advise which dresses look magic with an extended sleeve and which ones won't work.

Can I wear a long sleeve with a high neck?

Yes of course, I would suggest you balance this with an open back. We don't want "Morticia" walking down the aisle. These details and balancing tricks are all expertly handled by our French designers. They design with balance in mind without even thinking. High neck, low back. Low front, enclosed back.