NEW! Margaux Tardits 2022 Collection Revealed

It's launch season for my French designers and it's one of the most special parts of my job to view, select and unpack the new collections from my brands.

Second to that is sharing it with you all! So here we are, introducing Margaux Tardits' 2022 collection launching at Carte Blanche Bride in October.

Margaux wanted her new collection - Garden Party - to be a celebration! These designs were created during a period of deprivation - the unprecedented worldwide pandemic - and so the goal is simply the conquest of freedom.

Garden Party 2022 sums up the eternal insubordination and the wild instinct that lies dormant in all of us. Margaux has explored the human desire to live, stubbornly, tirelessly and ardently. It is daring to have passion, the one that makes us come alive. It is taking risks, the risk of loving, the risk of freedom.

"The risk of Love and Freedom"

VICTORIA GOWN by Margaux Tardits, 2022

The signature bold, yet feminine embroidery details that we have come to know so well about Margaux are present - as well as a new fresh and youthful feel.

"...the goal was simply to display a conquest of freedom"

Margaux Tardits is available in Australia exclusively at the Carte Blanche Bride showroom from October, 2021. Click HERE to see how you can be the first to access this beautiful, minimalist wedding dress collection.

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