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Aminta Margaux Tardits 2020 Carte Blanche Bride Australia

Margaux Tardits has unveiled her new 2021 wedding dress collection titled SONGE . Inspired by the naively romantic world of her childhood, the designer takes us to her family's land in the region of Touraine - one of the more traditional provinces of France. Touraine is known as France's Garden, is believed to be the home of the ultimate French accent and some of the country's best Chateaux.

Discover now the new 2021 wedding gown collection which pays homage to a woman dear to the heart of Margaux Tardits; her grandmother Maline.

Perolla Margaux Tardits 2020 Carte Blanche Bride Australia

The collection is inspired by the bygone era that appeared to Margaux in her dreams; where a joyful atmosphere reigned in her Grandmother's house.

Perolla Margaux Tardits 2020 Carte Blanche Bride Australia

This collection really is showstopping. Combining couture and luxury know-how with the highest quality trim and materials showcases the signature refinement, elegance and femininity for which Margaux Tardits has come to be known.

Margaux Tardits: "Our fabrics are of impeccable quality. I also believe that one of the characteristics of our brand is the audacity of our dresses, which perfectly sculpt the female body also thanks to French know-how."

Be whisked away on this romantic journey to experience some of the most ethereal and fashion forward styles around for 2021.

Margaux Tardits' studio is in the heart of Paris in the 10th arrondissement.

Margaux Tardits offers an entree into the world of fashion, having worked with some of the top French design houses, meaning her technical knowledge is spot on. For something unique and individual Margaux Tardits is your number one.

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Marguax Tardits 2020 Collection Carte Blanche Bride Australia

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