NEW BRAND! Atelier Blanche, welcome to the family

I am so very excited to welcome a new designer brand - ATELIER BLANCHE - to the unique collections at Carte Blanche Bride. A lot of people ask about my process when sourcing brands for the store. Some assume it is really difficult, with so much choice - but in most ways it is actually really easy.

The dream brands list becomes quite short when I apply my specific criteria for my clients.

  1. French-made;

  2. Uncompromising quality and;

  3. A brand personality with complete passion and substance behind the designs.

This is why Atelier Blanche is now part of La Famille Carte Blanche!

[New arrivals at Carte Blanche Bride - the PAULA gown by Atelier Blanche]

Atelier BLANCHE is the dynamic French duo combining minimalist design, a sense of proportion and sensitivity that gives each design its unique character. Anastasia and Pamela are dedicated to French know-how, working with the best craftsmen to create pieces of exceptional quality. ​ Only precious fabrics are used including silk crepe, silk satin, organza, Calais lace for a fashion-forward, yet timeless aesthetic.

[Pamela and Anastasia - the duo behind Atelier Blanche]

What a joy it was (if only from afar) taking a tour of the Parisian showroom and atelier to view the timeless and NEW 2022 bridal collections with Pamela and Anastasia. I can't wait to share the designs with you.

In the meantime, I sat down with this talented duo to pick their brain about their beautiful brand - and have some fun too!

WHAT DO YOU DO ? Each of us has a well-defined role at BLANCHE. In reality, we complement each other ! Pamela is the creative director and Anastasia is the head of atelier.

WHY DO YOU DO IT ? We created BLANCHE with a desire for singularity. In our opinion, wedding dress brands were not stylish enough and offered rather classic pieces. When Anastasia got married in 2018, we created her dress together, and we had so much fun that this project confirmed us in the idea of creating our company.

HOW DO YOU LIKE WORKING TOGETHER? In truth, working together seemed obvious to us. We met during our studies and since then, we have never let go of each other. Even today, while we work together all day, we call each other every night and we meet every weekend at each other's place :)

ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU ALWAYS LISTEN TO... “Travaille chaque jour sur tes rêves et ils deviendront réalité” Which means "Work every day on your dreams and they will come true."

YOUR FAVOURITE EXPERIENCE WITH A CLIENT... To be honest, all the experiences with our brides are really nice. But the moment we love is the dress rendering. When the bride tries on her dress for the last time and her mother has tears in her eyes, it's a very emotional moment for us too, we often cry with her ! Since the creation of BLANCHE and still today, we do all the fittings with our brides, it is very important for us to keep this link, then throughout the process of creation we get attached to each one of them.

NAME YOUR FAVORITE PIECE FROM 2022 OR THE INTEMPORAL COLLECTION AND WHY.. For Anastasia, it is without hesitation Billie ! A light, voluptuous, aerial dress in muslin. The little extra : The bride can remove it, leaving the slipdress visible ! Ideal to dance all night long :)

For Pamela, it's Gloria. Minimal and stylish, it is made of triple organza, a material she has always loved ! The little extra : it has no train, no frills, just the essentials !

WHAT CAN’T YOU LIVE WITHOUT... The music ! No matter where we are, whenever we work, there is music !

WHAT COMES TO MIND WHEN YOU THINK OF CARTE BLANCHE BRIDE... Many things ! What comes to mind first is this passion for people, this desire to accompany each bride-to-be according to her desires. This importance given to each customer who enters to offer a unique service. But we also think of Anastasia and her devotion to the "Parisian couture" style. The attention she pays to her world and her selection of pieces.

WHAT IS ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU WANT TO SHARE WITH WOMEN PLANNING THEIR WEDDING? Relax ! You are preparing for the most beautiful day of your life, so take the time to enjoy all the steps of the preparation too :)

Atelier Blanche will be available in Australia at the Carte Blanche Bride showroom from October, 2021. Click HERE to see how you can be the first to access this beautiful, minimalist wedding dress collection.

Carte Blanche Bride takes care and pride in caring for our clients. You will have our support throughout your decision making process and long after. You are our Carte Blanche Bride.

We present our special French collections at the Melbourne-based showroom, annual Trunk Show events around Australia and now with the new DIGITAL DRESS DATE.

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