NEW! Margaux Tardits 2020 Collection

Margaux Tardits' new and divinely sophisticated collection for 2020, draws its inspiration from the Baroque of the 17th and 18th century, that of the French "Grand Siècle".

Margaux Tardits selected this direction for her new collection it for its boldness while keeping its refinement and sophistication.

This period of enlightenment for France speaks to the opulent salons, and cabinets of curiosities. It is in these cabinets that we find the still life's of flowers or seashells which, by their colors, their curves, their size and their shape, create sensuality. These natural inspirations were used in ornamentations, in gardens, and now in the form of lace with this new collection.

Margaux Tardits' studio is in the heart of Paris in the 10th arrondissement.

Margaux Tardits offers an entree into the world of fashion, having worked with some of the top French design houses, meaning her technical knowledge is spot on. For something unique and individual Margaux Tardits is your girl.

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