Bienvenue Les Couronnes de Victoire | Unique and preserved botanical accessories

Enter into the spotlight, Les Couronnes de Victoire! Although for all you Francophones and lovers of French wedding world, you may already have discovered this swoon-worthy brand, I know I have!

Created over 5 years ago, Les Couronnes de Victoire is a brand founded by Lauranne Favre, a former lawyer who wanted to become self-employed and start a more creative career. Driven by the desire to rediscover the taste for artisanal know-how and the desire to create unique pieces, Lauranne decided to turn her passion to flowers. And what better place to begin than the wedding sector, where flowers are the icing on the cake (so to speak...) for any bride.

The LCV accessories are made from genuine, natural flowers that have been preserved using a completely natural biological process that sets them while keeping their petals supple and soft. You truly need to see them with your own eyes to see how beautiful they really are.

From design to production, all of the creations are handmade in Les Couronnes de Victoire Parisian workshop, making each piece unique. Just as the gift of Mother Nature forms each flower and leaf slightly differently.

Everyday I am overwhelmed and so excited to see many unique and bespoke designers coming out of France. Combining beautiful, artisanal keepsakes with a commitment to quality and the continuation of expert manufacture out of one of the top fashion countries of the world. Currently Carte Blanche has the honour of sharing Maison Sabben, Lizeron Paris, Mignonne Handmade and more through our online store, with YOU my dear readers and clients.

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