NEW! Laure de Sagazan 2022 Collection Revealed

It's launch season for my French designers and it's one of the most special parts of my job to view, select and unpack the new collections from my brands.

Second to that is sharing it with you all! So here we are, introducing Laure de Sagazan's 2022 collection launching at Carte Blanche Bride in October. For the 2022 new wedding dress collection, Laure de Sagazan once again refines her take on the future bride.

"An Ode to freedom, an ode to dare, an ode to the woman who loves!"

POULENC GOWN by Laure de Sagazan, 2022

“An Ode to freedom, an ode to dare, an ode to the woman who loves!” explains the designer on this collection of poetic, elegant and fashionable wedding dresses. This season's silhouettes are strong and are designed to fit an array of styles for the modern woman.

"Poetic, elegant and fashionable wedding dresses."

AMADEUS TOP by Laure de Sagazan, 2022

SCHUBERT GOWN by Laure de Sagazan, 2022

Wedding dresses of pure elegance that are Laure de Sagazan's signature style are of course present, as well as more statement pieces such as an ivory jumpsuit, angora crop-top, or headpieces inspired by icons like Brigitte Bardot or Audrey Hepburn. In addition to precious materials such as laces or silk gazar, we see a selection of lace-free, more minimal dresses. There is something for any kind of taste in this collection and I am in love!

UMBERTO TOP by Laure de Sagazan, 2022

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