Why Hand-Lettering is a MUST for your wedding

"I love that I’m consistently challenged from a design perspective to understand my clients and who they are and to then translate their unique qualities & personalities into an end product that celebrates who they are."

Lauren Hung, The Blackline by Lauren

I met Lauren at a Calligraphy class to learn hand lettering for my own wedding in 2016. Her passion, skill and utterly sunburst personality meant that we have stayed in touch since that first meeting almost 2 years ago.

Having worked with countless engaged couples, luxury brands and now with her own stationary, prints beautifully published book, Lauren is just too delightful not to share with the Carte Blanche world.

Hand lettering and calligraphy brings such a personal touch to any special event in our lives and hence why I felt so drawn to include it in my own wedding. Whether that personal touch a guest's experience of opening your wedding invitation, providing directions at your ceremony or finding your seat at the reception; nothing says divine and delightful like hand lettering.

What do you do…

I’m a Sydney-based calligrapher and hand letterer predominantly, but my work has grown to include a range of creative services including content creation, creative direction and consulting.

Why do you do it…

It was borne out of my love of word craft and simplifying age-old truths into relevant quick quotes.

As a natural scribbler and aesthete, it made sense to deliver these in calligraphy or hand lettering. As the brand has evolved and the body of work expanded, I choose to work with commercial and wedding clients on their big day because I think calligraphy is an interesting way to inject personality into a product. I love that I’m consistently challenged from a design perspective to understand my clients and who they are and to then translate their unique qualities & personalities into an end product that celebrates who they are.

What comes to mind when you think of Carte Blanche Bride…

Individuality. I’m so drawn to Carte Blanche because the house captures through fashion what I try to capture in paper stock and stationery; an emphasis on the individual and a celebration of who they uniquely are. And it accomplishes all of the above with an emphasis on quality and luxury.

Some things that people often overlook when adding your service to their wedding…

There’s sometimes confusion about what I can actually do because every calligrapher works differently. I can manage everything from

- writing the calligraphy for your suite,

- designing the stationery suite,

- printing and managing the project and delivery of the final goods.

Or, if it better suits, I can write the calligraphy and hand it over to your chosen printers / graphic designers to work with. I’m flexible because I understand that every couple has unique circumstances they’re working with. I also find that some couples assume I can only do the kind of work that I’ve already completed and that they’ve seen.

I’m very experimental and love to create custom suites so I’m happy for couples to approach me with their wedding colour scheme, ideas and to use their inspiration to create something unique for them.

One piece of advice you always listen to…

One piece of advice that stands out is to know yourself and know why you do what you do. I don’t think that’s a question that you can ever say you’ve answered – you have to keep reassessing as you evolve. I’ve found at times I’ve continued to see myself by a past definition of self and it’s made everything around me out of kilter. I think if you know who you are – strengths, weaknesses, what drives you etc. then you’re in better stead to be humble and honest with yourself and you’ve got a great foundation for flourishing in all facets of your life.

Your favourite experience with a client…

I’ve been so incredibly blessed with my clients that it would be hard to pick a favourite moment!

My bridal couples have all given me memorable moments!

I loved seeing tambourines that I wrote guests’ names on for a Hong Kong based couple used as place cards at their Southern Italian wedding,

and I adored seeing Amber & Jeremy’s recent wedding in Melbourne where they had used my script throughout every element of their day. And it’s always a bit emotional when I see a custom tattoo on the clients’ body. I have to pinch myself because it’s such an honour to know that someone will wear my script for the rest of his or her lives.

What can’t you live without…

The ability to see, capture and enhance beauty in this world – I would be purposeless without the ability to pull beauty out of hidden corners and create beautiful things. And that’s probably because finding and capturing beauty in every moment of my life ties into my faith, my vision and who I intrinsically believe I am.

Get in touch with Lauren to discuss the incredible ways she can bring hand lettering and personality to your wedding today. Need to see more? Follow the links to stalk, share and salivate over her work.



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