Your Wedding Trend Guide: 2021 Bridal Accessories

Carte Blanche Bride specialises in French quality and craftsmanship. From the wedding dress collection to our hand-picked accessories online, all my designers are committed to the best and most refined finishes and materials.

I have always loved accessories, they put a finishing touch on any look and - with only a little effort - stand out from the crowd by how you add those "trimmings". My first and most special accessory purchase I recall was in New York as a 23-year old. I walked in Yves Saint Laurent on East 57th Street and there was the Arty Cabochon cocktail ring (I don't think they make them anymore) I had been dreaming of since I tore it out of British Vogue earlier that year. I still have it 10 years later and boy, has that piece brought me so much joy!

Alas, I have digressed...

When it comes to your wedding shopping, it goes without saying that the emphasis first is THE dress. But your wedding look is never complete without the cherry on top. How you accessorise your look. Whatever your style - understated, romantic, or sophisticated—it’s the extra touches that polish off your dream look.

A top tip I recommend when investing your wedding accessories is to choose a piece or pieces that you will want to wear long after your wedding day. It's a beautiful reminder of the day, it can become an heirloom piece and when you're spending money it's nice to know you can also get cost per wear.

Here I've rounded up the best pieces for the coming year and you will want to jump on board. For your engagement party, your Hen's party or that casual event called your wedding day...and long after! These are pieces to treasure.

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Pearls have long been an indicator of timeless elegance and luxury. Once classed as the most expensive precious stones in the world.

Maison SABBEN Univers Pearl: These gorgeous sculptural earrings are adorned with beautiful baroque fresh water pearls. They have become our Carte Blanche Brides' earring of choice. Wear for a contemporary look, to give a modern and sophisticated effect.

Mignonne Handmade THETIS Earrings: I just adore these earrings. They remind me of Boticelli's Birth of Venus masterpiece. With a gorgeous pearl to complete the look. Plus they pair beautifully with the below pin set from the same creator.

Mignonne SEASHELL Pin Set: A collection of seashells in varying sizes with a perfect pearl in each piece. Scatter them throughout your hair for both up-dos and loose layers.

Maison Sabben ROCHE Earrings: These 24-karat gold long pendant bridal earrings with fresh water pearls are the perfect avant-garde accessory to your wedding day. Simple and very chic in style and design, they sit approximately 9.5cm in length.


Art imitating life rings true with these beautiful flora-inspired accessories. Fresh flowers are always beautiful, but seasonal limitations or extremely hot weather can dampen your plans. Why not opt for a flora and fauna look that will last you a lifetime?

Les Couronnes de Victoire LUCIA Flower Crown: Composed of a base of eucalyptus foliage and small stabilized Baby's Breath and Ruscus flowers, the Lucia crown gives a fresh and pretty note to your look. This brand stabilises their flower accessories with a scientific gel. No wilting or browning. Ever!

Lizeron MADRILENE: A generous crown of cold porcelain flowers. Double row, with a touch of gold, the flowers are made by hand. It comes with a detachable ribbon. Perfect for the 'real flower' look without wilting at the end of the day.

Elise Tsikis MELONNE Earrings: A stunning piece of wearable art, these Melonne earrings from Elise Tsiki's Parisian atelier are an authentic flower immortalized thanks to the method of lyophilizationthen (yup, I can't say it either ha!) - basically locking it in a type of resin.

Maison Sabben UNIVERS GRANDE Earrings: These mammoth, sculptural gold-plated earrings are chic and ultra-modern in style. This style comes in 3 sizes, my favourite is the Grande size. Go big, or go home ; )


Barrettes for brides? Yes, please! The '90s hair accessory staple has recently had a wedding-worthy makeover with an injection of sparkle and delicate detailing.

These beautiful bobbi pin sets are just the thing to hold your hair out of your face and complete your wedding day look.

Maison Sabben MOSS Barette set: Edgy and ultra-sleek in style. A contemporary look combined with simplicity give a modern effect. Tuck these barrettes into your updo or free flowing blow wave.

Mignonne Handmade Corinne 5-pin set: Unique and versatile brass flower pins for individual placement. 3 large, & 2 small.

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