Choosing your Elopement Wedding Dress

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At Carte Blanche, I have lots of clients looking for that perfect dress in which to elope. The excitement and mystery of it all and the adventure of looking for the elopement wedding dress is completely intimate and special.

You may have a clear picture in your head of what your final look will be, but it can also be a daunting task. I know some brides have come to Carte Blanche wanting something that feels laid back and looks effortless, while still being incredibly special and unique.

Choosing your elopement wedding dress is completely up to you. Don’t let an elopement get in the way of feeling your most beautiful on the big day.

1. Choosing to go out-of-the-box

One of the perks of eloping is being able to choose the wedding dress you want to wear without the expectations of family, tradition and external opinions that can come with the more traditional wedding dress search.

Your elopement wedding dress can be fun, funky and completely unique for the special day. It may not even need to be a dress!

Choosing out-of-the-box; Margaux Tardits

Choosing out-of-the-box; Laure de Sagazan

2. Oh-so-Traditional

Simply because you and your fiancé have chosen to elope, may not mean that you shirk all the tradition. It is your dream day and if that means choosing the long white dress. Then that works too! See here for this heavenly elopement shoot with a gorgeous white wedding dress.

Traditional and elegant; Victoire Vermeulen

3. Take into account destination

Think about the type of wedding you are planning when choosing the elopement wedding dress. Which season have you chosen? Will you be on a deserted beach somewhere or the base of the Fjords in Norway?

A hot climate means you will need all-natural fibres to avoid melting like an ice cream on Australia Day. Long sleeves will not work for an island destination wedding, or keep it sheer with lace sleeves - see below. An elopement consisting of a deliciously romantic snow mountain ceremony, may not call for an ankle-length tea-dress number.

Beach/Island Elopment; Elise Hameau

Winter Elopement; Donatelle Godart

4. Comfort factor

Just as above, taking into consideration your elopement destination and format also requires you to think about how comfortable you need to be. Are you heading to San Francisco’s City Hall? In which case, you may be in and out taxis all day. A short or midi length look will mean less fumbling in and out of transport and more time making lifelong memories.

As typically with elopements, it will just be you and the love of your life, less hands mean you most likely be getting ready and dressing yourself. So keep this in mind when choosing your elopement wedding dress.

City Elopement; Laure de Sagazan

5. Take into account transport method

Travelling to elope means being packing.

Packing for your elopement wedding may be a non-romantic part of the part process, but it is important. The weight and bulk of your dress can affect the ease in which you pass through airports. Your weight restrictions for carry-on luggage are also something you will need to remember (I only ever recommend carrying your wedding dress with you on-board when travelling. Never send or check it in.)

Disclaimer: Having said all this; love really does conquer all and if your dream elopement wedding dress means having to purchase an extra seat for it, then go for it! You won’t be the first and you certainly won’t be the last!

Carte Blanche Bride takes care and pride in caring for our clients, you will have our support throughout your decision-making process and long after.

You are our Carte Blanche Bride.

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