Bienvenue Elise Tsikis | Luxe, Daring French Jewellery in Australia

I am so thrilled to be announcing a luxe, daring and organic accessories brand to join the Carte Blanche Bride family. Elise Tsikis is now available exclusively in Australia at CB! The designer has been long known for her precious jewellery designs that can be worn on your wedding day, and then day after day. Elise Tsikis captures the spirit of our times, with a focus on authenticity and our relaxed pace of life here in Australia.

Everyday I am overwhelmed and so excited to see many unique and bespoke designers coming out of France. Combining beautiful, artisanal keepsakes with a commitment to quality and the continuation of expert manufacture out of one of the top fashion countries of the world. Currently Carte Blanche has the honour of sharing Maison Sabben, Lizeron Paris, Mignonne Handmade and more through our online store.

To celebrate Elise Tsikis' arrival at Carte Blanche Bride I share with you a very special interview. This is your access to Elise's world and insight into her design processes and dreams for her luxurious, relaxed and ultra special pieces.

If you had to define the brand in 3 words, what would they be?

Boldness, passion and perseverance.

Daring. First of all because that's what allows us to be different, to dare to create collections such as embroidered jewellery, which did not exist on the market, but which today customers adore.

Passion. Simply because it has to "come from the heart".

Perseverance. Do not give up.

This does not necessarily define the brand universe, but the values of our company which are felt through the collections. Add a lot of romance to that and there you have the Elise Tsikis universe!

Tell us who is your typical client?

She is a fairly daring person, sensitive to the quality, the universe and the history of the brand. We are very lucky, our clients are lovely and very attached to the brand and our values. They come back to see us often, it's a real pleasure.

Your creations are very different from what we are used to seeing in the realm of high fantasy, can you tell us where this beautiful inspiration comes from?

A lot of my travels! Indeed, I travel as often as possible, I meet the locals, I immerse myself in their world, their daily life and their culture. I am very observant, I visit a lot of exhibitions and I love photography and especially photographers who have a very human approach like Irving Penn and his work on ethnicities.

In addition to my travels and the many artists I have had the chance to discover, it is obviously my family and my history that continues to influence my collections. I am Franco-Greek, from a small island called Chios, I never cease to be inspired by this magnificent place, its materials, its colors and its sun which led me to use this very luminous yellow gold 24 carats in all my collections.

Can you tell us who is behind Elise Tsikis and what made you want to launch your own eponymous brand?

I had in mind to create my universe, to develop my own house, however I needed to gain experience and maturity, so I worked for 5 years as a stylist.

It was only after these years in luxury and ready-to-wear and numerous trips that I felt ready to take the plunge. I needed to go back to the material, to the colors and the jewel really brought together everything I liked. I have never really left the world of fashion and textiles, you can see the ready-to-wear codes in all my collections; silk, cotton or even embroidery. These are materials that are not usually used in the jewelry world, but I am very daring and I do not set any barriers when I create.

Content was translated from original French interview from this WEBSITE.

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