8 Signs You've Found Your IDEAL Wedding Dress

"If just thinking about shopping leaves you stressed..."

Shopping may be the last thing that gives you pleasure, traipsing the streets getting sweaty and breathless trying on clothes and then having to look at yourself in the mirror and narrow down options.

If just thinking about an activity like shopping leaves you stressed and wanting to put your head under the pillows, then knowing when you've found your wedding dress can be damn near impossible.

"...ensure you can make your decision in as little time as possible."

For Carte Blanche clients, I see this all the time. Shopping isn't your favourite pastime, you may have other commitments or interests that you would prefer to fill your day like lunch with friends, enjoying a day out at a new exhibition, study or just catching up on life in general. Spending endless hours trying on wedding dresses is not your ideal - so you shouldn't be spending a minute longer on this activity than you need to.

So I've outlined the 8 signs you've found your ideal wedding dress so you can ensure you're making the right decision for you in as little time as possible. You can find your wedding dress at your one and only appointment. If it FEELS right, it usually IS. Life is complicated enough, don't get in your own way.

  1. IT FEELS REALLY GOOD, YOU DON'T WANT TO TAKE IT OFF: Comfort was a big factor on your list of criteria and boy, this dress feels so good to wear. In fact, you may just be happy lingering in front of the mirror just one or two moments longer.

  2. NO ONE ELSE'S OPINION MATTERS: All of a sudden, the external (and internal) voices have dulled or fallen away and you know that this just feels so very you that no one else's thoughts, expectations or beliefs are relevant anymore.

  3. YOU STILL FEEL LIKE YOURSELF BUT JUST A BIT EXTRA: At Carte Blanche, believe it or not, the wedding dress always comes in second to the person who is wearing it. Your wedding dress needs to draw our eye to you, the wearer. If all we can see is the dress it's not yours.

  4. THERE'S A TINGLE OR A GOOSEBUMP: It's really important to note that not everyone cries when they've found their dress. Just like not everyone counts their wedding day as the ultimate completion of their life. You will however get a shiver, a rush of adrenaline or a really relieved feeling when you're in the dress for you. Trust your instincts and go with it.

  5. YOU ARE TEMPTED TO SHOW YOUR PARTNER ALREADY: They are your best friend after all and who doesn't want to show something super amazing to their best mate? This can sometimes be an aha moment at Carte Blanche Bride.

  6. YOU CAN PICTURE THE WEDDING DAY AND SUDDENLY YOU FIT IN IT NOW: The wedding day may have filled you with some nerves, trepidation or even a slightly sick feeling about having to turn up to a party just for you! However, all of a sudden wearing something that feels and looks so good doesn't make it seem so daunting anymore. This is definitely a sign you've found the dress.

  7. YOU AREN'T THINKING ABOUT FLAWS: When searching for a wedding dress, it's important to be somewhat critical. Yes, there are lots of great looks out there but not many have floated your boat. When you have the dress on that's yours, no longer do you see flaws. There is nothing to be critical anymore. If you can't find something wrong, you've found the dress that's right.

  8. YOU DON'T WANT TO TRY ON ANYTHING ELSE: If you've found the dress you want to be married in, those other appointments just don't feel important anymore. Don't go to one more appointment "just because" - your choice gets harder, more complicated and more tiring. When shopping isn't for you and you love what you've found - using the signs outlined above - you have found the RIGHT style for you!

ABOUT: My name is Anastasia and with an enduring love for eye-pleasing aesthetics and style, my career in fashion and accessories has spanned almost 15 years across the industry.

I know you are a sophisticated, worldly and stylish woman, who doesn't have a lot of time on her hands to plan a wedding. Carte Blanche Bride helps you find your ideal wedding dress without the stress and overwhelm that is associated with wedding dress shopping.

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