Your STYLE GUIDE for accessorising your wedding dress.

We are asked regularly by our Carte Blanche Brides how they should accessorise their wedding dress once they have made their final decision. So it got us thinking, where do our girls need to go to look for something unique, while timeless - beautiful, yet balanced - subtle, but oh so complimentary?

For 12 years I have worked one on one with many different brides, an array of styles and a whole spectrum of looks. Your look can be individualised and the more you as a couple have the freedom to shape your wedding into something so authentically you, the more amazing your wedding will be.

This was how our petite online offering came about. So to celebrate, I have put together a guide and some ideas to think about when it comes to accessorising your own wedding look. Carte Blanche Bride is about taking your unique style and maximising it for your wedding day.

We now offer an exclusive edit of beautiful French accessories, all hand made to make your look just 'you'.

BALANCE (Less is More)

Balance your wedding dress with jewels, a headpiece or a veil. Whatever you do, make sure you don't add too much otherwise you'll look like Aunty Magda's Christmas tree on the 1st of December!

I prefer balanced look.

If you have chosen a high neckline wedding dress, simply add earrings - they can be bold or dainty, depending on your natural style.

If you have a strapless or open neck gown, a necklace can be appropriate. If you are matching earrings and they are a bold statement - make sure your dress is minimal in style and silhouette.

Thinking of trying something different and modern? What about some wrist cuffs (one on each hand) or an ear cuff? These are things that can still remain feminine and delicate but add a twist. We love a surprise!


This choice is completely up to you. Some people grow up with a very strong preference for the shade of their jewellery. You may be a gold girl, white gold girl or even rose gold as has been the trend for the last few years. The Knot discusses the shade of your gown as the deciding factor for the tone of your wedding day jewellery.

Maison Sabben Univers symmetrical bridal earrings are chic and ultra-modern style. Twisted petals look. The Destructured flower for contemporary look combined with simplicity give a modern effect. Wear it for finish your bridal look "A la française"


Fresh flowers are just heaven! Their gorgeous scent (if you choose a fragrant one), can remind you of your wedding day for a lifetime. However for some weddings, like the heat of summer there's nothing worse than wilted flowers in your hair - especially if you want to wear them all day. Or you may be getting married overseas and don't know what the florist is capable of (or not for that matter!).

There is a solution! Lizeron Paris is the beautiful, skilled fabric flower house based in Paris. A beautiful family story, Sidonie and Julie are cousins and create these special works of art by hand out of love for delicate things and romance. Exclusive to Carte Blanche Bride in Australia.

Available to purchase online through Carte Blanche. Simply click on the images below to shop.

The Seville is a collection of ivory porcelain flowers, with some golden touches and three fabric flowers. It can be worn on the side as well as on the back.

The Madrilene is a generous crown of cold porcelain flowers. Double row, with a touch of gold, the flowers are made by hand. It comes with a detachable ribbon. Perfect for the 'real flower' look without wilting at the end of the day.


Carte Blanche Bride is known for its beautiful selection of romantic, sensational wedding gowns. Most of our designers, including Laure de Sagazan have a gently vintage feel with a stylishly modern edge. So here are the perfect accessories to work back with any look.

Available to purchase online through Carte Blanche. Simply click on the images below to shop.

Mignonne Handmade is a small line accessories brand created by maker and designer Jennifer Wood “We create our antique-inspired pieces by hand, in small, made to order batches, keeping in the tradition of the fine quality workmanship that typified workshops and design studios of bygone eras.” Exclusive to Carte Blanche Bride in Australia.


Are veils not really your thing? From hair combs to fascinators, there are plenty of other ways to top off your look. Choose your hairstyle before you pick your accessory, since some types will look better with updos than others. A flower crown, for example, is best with loose locks. You should also consider your hair type—dainty accessories may be perfect for fine hair, but won't be as noticeable in thick waves. Most importantly, make sure whatever you pick feels secure while you're moving around.

Headband adorned with modern and minimal deconstructed flowers plated in 24k gold or silver. An element of modern romance - a contemporary look combined with simplicity gives a chic effect. Tuck this headband into your up do for finish your bridal look.

The Mignonne Handmade original gold FAUNA crown, based on antique and vintage designs and like all of our metal pieces, made from 100% brass USA-made components that are hand assembled and soldered in the studio in France.


We adore shoes!! Whether it's the ultimate dream designer pair you have been lusting after or you want a super comfy pair that does the job and you can wear moving forward, make sure you can walk it them.

Our picks?? Dolce Firme. Dolce & Gabbana. Bared Footwear.

Our number 1 no-no is shoes with glitter. Not because we hate glitz and glam, simply because long gowns catch really badly on glitter shoes.

This creates a tripping hazard and can be extremely annoying trying to float like a butterfly down the aisle!


Although it's a seriously special event, we don't believe in straying too far from your personal style. If you rarely wear accessories, there's no need to drown yourself in decoration on your wedding day. You want to look and feel like your best, most beautiful version of your regular self. That is who he has chosen after all!

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