L'Amour Fou: Elise Hameau's Crazy in Love

Cowboys, a romantic road trip, a wedding on the run, and Elvis as a surprise guest, we're out on the road for Elise Hameau's 2018 L'Amour Fou collection. Coming to you this March, click here for more info. The necklines are plunging, the cuts are bohemian, the materials all support the aesthetic of transparency.

Notice to brides who want to feel free in their dresses, this collection is made for you!

And if marriage rhymed with freedom? This freedom to love and unite anywhere and daring to leave room for the unexpected. That's exactly what Elise Hameau's 2018 collection - dubbed "Crazy Love" - ​​evokes by offering rock'n'roll and sexy dresses to perfection, like the uninhibited bride who knows how to let go.

Unique, luxurious, beautiful designers with a fun and fresh attitude. It’s about emotion, real passion and real connections with you, our beautiful brides. Carte Blanche Bride is breaking away from dated, done-to-death bridal styling to help you realize your vision of the truly stylish wedding you imagine and deserve.

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