French Designed Wedding Dresses

You are our Carte Blanche.

Style is deeply personal; you are not afraid of expressing your true style; in fact, you live and breathe it. Why should this be any different on your wedding day?


Since 2011, Laure de Sagazan’s designs have been spreading this je ne sais quoi that has given French women their aura all over the world: the certainty that you can reveal your beauty in the most delicate details, with the simplest artifices. And that’s what her designs stand for: incredibly intricate in their finishing touches, they still convey an image of refined simplicity. All the dresses are made in France, coming to life under the wide skylights of the brand’s Parisian atelier.


Classic silhouettes are reworked with modern lines and a mixture of vintage and contemporary details, while a clever use of layering reveals glimpses of plunging necklines and low backs without giving too much away. If you are a timeless romantic, this is the brand for you.

MargauxTardits Australia Lully 2020 Coll
Donatelle Godart 2020 Collection Austral
Donatelle Godart

Working on a subtle balance between elegance and sensuality the Donatelle Godart's designs are both romantic and captivating, each dress tells a poetic story in its own way. Each gown is tailor-made in Donatalle’s Paris studio and designed in harmony between refined finishes and delicate cuts that demonstrate her elegant signature style.


Carte Blanche Bride operates through intimate trunk show events a couple of times a year.


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