How much do your dresses cost?

Our bespoke dresses, are handmade in Paris using the finest materials, delivered to you in an exclusively private setting – all at an accessible price point. Our designers start from $4,500 and we have a few styles at around the $8,000 mark. Most of our collection is between $5-6,000. We choose our brands for their quality, integrity and commitment to French-made materials.

I love these designers but they are out of my budget...

We hold a sample sale once or twice a year, get in touch HERE to be notified when this happens.

I can't find an appointment time that works for me...

Occasionally we have extra slots not available online. If you can’t see a time that suits you, please contact us directly and we’ll see how we can fit you in.

What's the deal with the appointment fee?

We are only a small boutique with a limited number of appointments available. We find that without this fee, we get some brides who decide not to turn up. And it also stops people coming in just to try on dresses for fun. If you need to cancel your 1st appointment, we will of course refund the fee as long as you notify us at least 48 hours before your appointment. All appointment fees are collated towards a credit for your wedding dress purchase.

What if I need to cancel or change my appointment?

We of course understand that sometimes your plans change and you need to cancel your appointment! Give us at least 48 hours notice and we’ll be more than happy to refund your booking fee. The same goes with rescheduling – if you need to find a new date, let us know a date that works and has availability and we’ll book you in. It is best to e-mail us ASAP to do this.

How many guests can I bring?

CURRENTLY DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, WE CAN ONLY ACCOMMODATE 1 GUEST PER APPOINTMENT. Our showroom area cater to a maximum 2 guests plus yourself as the bride-to-be. Select a couple of trustworthy people who know you and can help you make an informed decision. Regrettably, we cannot accommodate larger parties.

What size are your sample dresses?

We have samples in sizes 10 to 12. Salon sample gowns vary in size from designer to designer. Unfortunately, it is not possible to stock all sizes for all gowns.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Try to wear flesh-coloured, seamless underwear that doesn’t cut in. Alongside this, try to wear a good, uplifting strapless bra. We will have shoes available for you to try with the sample gowns. Our gowns are very precious and we take great care to keep them in mint condition for you to try – do not wear fake tan to your appointment. You will not be able try on the gowns and we may not refund your appointment fee.


Can I take PHOTOS?

Yes, of course! Of your top 2 at the end of the appointment. We’re strong believers in taking photos and we even offer to take them for you. For some brides it is pivotal part of deciding on the dress, so we feel it’s important to have that option, especially if you need to sleep on your decision. We do however want to highlight that taking photos is simply a very small representation of the gown and sometimes you can get false impressions of the dress. This can be because of bad lighting, wrong angles or incorrect colour representation. So be circumspect.



WHAT does Made-to-Order mean when ordering my gown?

Made-to-order means that there is no stock of your gown and the making of the gown begins once you place your order. The most important thing to note is that made-to-order gowns are ordered to your closest numerical dress size (dependent on designer),  based on measurements taken at your appointment. The gown is not made to exact measurements (which is referred to as "made-to-measure"). In order to achieve the perfect fit, we suggest the assistance of a seamstress or tailor who we highly recommend. 


Do you offer custom design CHANGES?

We do not currently offer any changes to the design of your gown. Depending on the style and designer, slight alterations can be made ie: shorten sleeves vs. long sleeves, lift a neckline etc., but most of our gowns are ordered true to the intention of the gown. 


What is your payment structure?

At the time of ordering your gown, we ask for a  deposit of 50% of the full amount of your dress. The balance of your account is due when the dress arrives in Australia.


Do you offer/include alterations?

We will take you through this at your appointment.