We are currently continuing  to welcome guests into our showroom. We have taken measures to ensure the health and safety of all our brides and their guests.


  • All brides and guests must provide their first and last name (for contact tracing purposes) on arrival, as well as sanitise their hands with alcohol-based Hand Sanitiser.

  • According to current Victorian Government Guidelines,  guests must wear a mask at their appointment.


  • Guests maintain a 1.5 metre distance during all consultations as per the markers in the space.


  • We have limited the number of guests accompanying the bride to 1.


  • We have completed the Government recommended Infection Control Training for COVID-19. Before and after each appointment, we take measures to sanitize the space and all surface areas. We encourage all guests to sanitise their hands on leaving the showroom.


  • If you, or your guest, are feeling unwell we ask that you don't attend your appointment. We  also reserve the right to refuse entry on the occasion we believe there is a potential risk of someone being unwell or potential contamination.